poolife® brand balancers work fast to tackle common pool imbalances. Keeping them at your disposal can ensure that problems are dealt with effectively so that you enjoy the pleasure of pristine pool water throughout the season.

poolife® Stabilizer and Conditioner Balancer

poolife® Stabilizer & Conditioner balancer raises the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level of swimming pool water. The ideal stabilizer range is 20-50ppm. Proper stabilizer levels stop the loss of chlorine caused by sunlight.


1.75 LBS


How to Use for Start Up

Before adding this product. Clean and backwash the filter. Adjust the available chlorine level to 1-4 parts per million. Measure the cyanuric acid level. The ideal range is 20-50 ppm. The chlorine is not as effective if the range is above 100 ppm. Add 1 lb per 10,000 gallons to adjust the CYA level by 10 ppm. Add slowly through the skimmer with the filter running. Leave the filter running and do not backwash for 48 hours.

How to Use for Maintenance Dose

Check the stabilizer level at least once a mont during each swimming season. Add this product as needed.

Compatible With

Can be used with all chlorine based sanitizing systems including salt systems


Raises Stabilizer (CYA) level

Useful Tips

  • Test stabilizer levels monthly and add this product if stabilizer level is below 20ppm.
  • Use convenient dosage chart on product label.
  • Add product slowly to the skimmer while circulation pump is running.