Leisure Time Free® System

Feel the difference with the Free Sanitizing System from Leisure Time Spa. This biguanide-based sanitizing system is chlorine-free, bromine-free, odor-free and hassle-free! Long-lasting and effective, the Free system keeps water clean and clear. It’s the ideal solution for anyone with sensitive skin or for a spa owner looking for a fresh alternative to traditional sanitizers. Use the full range of Leisure Time Free® spa sanitizing solutions for a relaxing spa experience.
Click here to watch a video on the Leisure Time Free® Spa Care System.

Leisure Time® Step I: Control

Control is especially formulated to prevent the unattractive ring around spa surface caused by oils, organics, minerals and scale. This product is an essential part of the Leisure Time Free® program and should be used at start up and weekly thereafter.


32 fl. oz.

Useful Tips

  • Prevents waterline residue and controls metallic stains and scale
  • Add this product before adding Boost or Free

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